Ear for USTian
(Predicament counseling and Fraud report)

What is Ear for USTian ?

This communication channel, 'Ear for USTian', is run by International Student Affairs team, UST. When student is in trouble or forced to practice any fraud, or whatever related with this issue happens, we, 'Ear for USTian' will help students and fix the problem by providing counseling, investigation, holding committee, etc.

What is the purpose of Ear for USTian ?

We aim to protect student's right from any irrationality.

If you are worrying and hesitating...

Do not worry and contact 'Ear for USTian'. Of course, all information provided will be kept confidential.

How can I contact with 'Ear for USTian'?

  • (1) KAKAO TALK : open the KAKAO Talk app. → click 'magnifying glass'
    → search and add us 'EarforUSTian'
  • (2) E-mail : EarforUSTian@ust.ac.kr (regardless of capitalization)
  • (3) Telephone : 042-865-2412