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Security Incident Level

Security accident level
Level Content
Serious(Level 1)
  • Network and information unavailable at the national level
  • A need to respond at the national level
  • An error that affects the entire information system
Caution (Level 2)
  • ISP network or the institutions’ network is disabled or unable to be used
  • Damage occurred at various institutions
  • Damage due to an attack on the important work system
Warning (Level 3)
  • Damage due to an attack on the information system
  • Information stored in the system stolen for the malicious purposes
  • Detection of rapid increase in network traffic provided by security control tower
Normal Level
  • Appearance of new type of computer virus from inside or outside of the country
  • Announcements on the latest hacking methods, weak points of security
  • Inspections and blocking for unnecessary services
  • Updates on vaccine and software
  • Diffusion of the news related to infringement accidents
  • Inspections for weak points and responses through spreading security information via web robots

Security Incident Admissions Procedure

Security accident admissions procedure info
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UST operates 24-hour security controlconducted by S&T-Sec.

Inquiries on and Reporting Security Breach

Information Technology Team - Choi Eunyeong(☎042)865-2381)