Types and Functions

Student ID Card with Financial Functions

  • Debit card, transportation card, access to UST main office, student identification

Student ID Card without financial functions

  • Access to UST main office, student identification

How to Apply

New Issuance (Newcomers’ Odyssey Participants)

UST conducts collective issuance of ID cards to students who attended the Newcomers’ Odyssey. A notification about ID Card Issuance for Newcomers’ Odyssey participants will be noticed on the UST website one to two weeks before the Newcomers’ Odyssey begins.

  • Application: in the “ID Card Issuing” section
    ※ Students from specific countries can open a bank account only after submitting copies of their Alien Registration Cards (“ARC”) and passports. The list of these countries changes annually and will be posted on the UST website.
  • Receipt: in person before the last day of the Newcomers’ Odyssey

New Issuance and Reissuance (for Those Absent from the Newcomers’ Odyssey)

  • Student ID card without financial functions
    Fill out the application form and send an email to idcard@ust.ac.kr with a photo of yourself.
  • Student ID card with financial functions
    a. Apply for an ID card without financial functions
    b. Visit a Wooribank location, open a bank account, and connect it to your ID card.
    (If you already have an account of Wooribank, you do not have to open a new one.)
    ※ Documents required to open a bank account: passport, certificate of enrollment, and ARC (students from specific countries)
  • Receipt
    a. Visit the UST main office (students in Daejeon)
    b. Via mail (students outside of Daejeon)