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Secure world-leading educational competitiveness

Discovering creative talent and to become real USTians
Establishment of UST21 education system

Become a university with industry-academia-research integration

Strengthening the cooperation between UST-GFRIs-corporations
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Support business start-ups with GFRI-based technologies

Establish global status as a national research university

Improving brand value
Improving cooperation network

Establish creative knowledge management system

Providing creative educational environment by applying cutting-edge technology
Improving management effectiveness

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    Institute for Basic Science


    The Institute for Basic Science (IBS) was established on November 21, 2011 with the vision of "Making Discoveries for Humanity & Society". In order to achieve this vision, we select and operate our Centers based on the following four guiding principles: scientific excellence of researchers, openness through research collaboration, creativity of research themes and autonomy in research.
    Our most important task is to provide our researchers with a stable environment that allows them to immerse themselves in creative research in order to expand the frontiers of scientific knowledge, which will greatly impact the development of our society. Since our guiding principles place the highest value on basic science research motivated purely by intellectual curiosity, researchers can focus fully on their research without being pressured to produce practical outcomes. In particular, we are developing experimental models for mid- to long-term, group research, as well as interdisciplinary research by securing research infrastructures and outstanding talent. With these endeavors, rather than producing predictable outcomes based on pre-determined plans, we will be able to build a world that was once only imagined. We firmly believe that through the creation of basic science knowledge, we will take the lead in making discoveries that will greatly contribute to humanity and society.