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Office of Academic and Student Affairs

교학처업무담당자의 정보
Name Position TEL E-mail WORK
HwanJin NHO Dean 042-865-2306 Overall responsibility
LEE RINA Staff 042-865-2367 이메일 확인, 캡챠 인증 후 확인할수 있습니다. Secretary

Academic Affairs Team

교무팀업무담당자의 정보
Name Position TEL E-mail WORK
Kim Yoo Hwal Team Leader 042-865-2320 Overall responsibility
SHIN INSIK Staff 042-865-2321 Grade management  |  Class management
Kim Jinseok Staff 042-865-2324 Teaching support
Han Gook Hee Staff 042-865-2323 Teaching support  |  Teaching support
Han Won Cheol Staff 042-865-2327 Curriculum of courses  |  Major management
Kim Hyun Sung Staff 042-865-2325 School Certification  |  Graduate Committe management
Park Su Baek Staff 042-865-2326 Campus support  |  PROUD Program
Lee eunchong Staff 042-865-2328 Curriculum of courses  |  Major management
Choi seongho Staff 042-865-2322 Exchange study program  |  Grade management  |  Class management
Eugene Hong Staff

Student Affairs Team

학생팀업무담당자의 정보
Name Position TEL E-mail WORK
Na Ji Young Team Leader 042-865-2330 Overall responsibility  |  Sexual Harassment and Violence Counselling
Hong Sung Uk Staff 042-865-2332 Book management  |  Research record management  |  Graduation management  |  Course Completion  |  Award
Kyoungtae Park Staff 042-865-2331 Tuition management  |  Military affairs  |  School register management  |  Academic Counseling
Kim Won Sik Staff 042-865-2337 Employment support  |  Post-Coursework enrollment  |  Sexual Harassment and Violence Counselling  |  Career Development support  |  students’ rights and interests
Kim hee gwon Staff 042-865-2333 General admission management
Yang Ki Hwan Staff 042-865-2338 Certificate issuance  |  Student benefits  |  Student comprehensive insurance  |  Overseas training program  |  Overseas exchange program
Namgung Jung Il Staff 042-865-2336 Student council support  |  Attraction of outstanding students  |  Alumni association management
Park Junho Staff 042-865-2334 Special admission(Local)  |  Special admission(Foreigner)
Hwang In Hwa Staff 042-865-2339 International student affairs  |  Study support  |  Sexual Harassment and Violence Counselling  |  Ph.D. Qualifying Examination  |  Issuance of Student ID Cards