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The trend of mass consumption of resources has been accelerated by industrial development and improvements in the standard of living. This mass consumption raises serious global problems such as the fast depletion of resources and the rapid increase of wastes generated. These problems can be solved using recycling technologies to conserve the global environment and, at the same time, to secure a stable supply of resources necessary for our industries. In particular, the development of resources using recycling technologies, and the training of professional manpower in this field, are of great importance on the ground due to our limited land space and dwindling mineral resources. This course of study aims at inculcating professional knowledge about the recycling of the variety of resources generated in the course of economic, social, and cultural development. The can be categorized into this course consist of two major parts: (1) introduction of basic resources recycling technology, including chemistry of environmental resources, environmental thermodynamics, and analytical chemistry of resources and (2) in-depth study of metals recovery, the making raw of materials from inorganic and organic wastes, recycling process technology, and treatment of hazardous military wastes. Also, in order to foster a practical access to the subject matter, an on-site research lab course will be offered to allow students to participate in an on-going project and receive knowledge on various recycling technologies.

Current status of student majors

Current status of student majors
Enrolled Students 9 Average age of new students in master course 25.52
Students on leave - Average age of new students in doctor course 29.44
Completion Students 4 Average age of new students in integrative course 27.5
Master Graduates 20 Average graduation period in master course 2.2
Doctoral Graduates 17 Average graduation period in doctor course 4.74
International Students 6 Average graduation period in inegrative course 6.24

Student Research Performance

소속전공 정보
소속전공 제공합니다.
Year Field of Research Journal Research
2019 Journal 한국자원공학 석유화학 폐촉매로부터 질산과 염산에 의한 팔라듐과 은의 침출거동
2018 Journal HYDROMETALLURGY Hydrometallurgical processing of spent selective catalytic reduction (SCR) catalyst for recovery of tungsten
2017 Journal ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering Eco-threat Minimization in HCl Leaching of PGMs from Spent Automobile Catalysts by Formic Acid Prereduction
2017 Journal Separation Science and Technology Physical separation using an autogenous medium on coal
2016 Journal MINERALS ENGINEERING Advance review on the exploitation of the prominent energy-storage element Lithium. Part I: from mineral and brine resources
2016 Journal MATERIALS TRANSACTIONS Behavior of Extraction, Stripping, and Separation Possibilities of Rhenium and Molybdenum from Molybdenite Roasting Dust Leaching Solution Using Amine Based Extractant Tri-Otyl-Amine (TOA)
2016 Journal Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers Part B-Journal of Engineering Manufacture Development of recycling technology to recover valuable metals from lithium primary and ion batteries
2016 Journal METALS AND MATERIALS INTERNATIONAL Efficient recycling of WC-Co hardmetal sludge by oxidation followed by alkali and sulfuric acid treatments
2016 Journal JOURNAL OF POWER SOURCES Extraction of manganese by alkyl monocarboxylic acid in a mixed extractant from a leaching solution of spent lithium-ion battery ternary cathodic material
2016 Journal HYDROMETALLURGY Extractive separation studies of manganese from spent lithium battery leachate using mixture of PC88A and Versatic 10 acid in kerosene
2016 Journal RSC Advances Highly selective separation of individual platinum group metals (Pd, Pt, Rh) from acidic chloride media using phosphonium-based ionic liquid in aromatic diluent
2016 Journal 한국건설순환자원학회 Influence of fine aggregate properties on unhardened geopolymer concrete
2016 Journal 자원리싸이클링 Leaching of Copper and Other Metal Impurities from a Si-sludge Using Waste Copper Nitrate Solution
2016 Journal Journal of The Korean Institute of Resources Recycling Leaching of copper and other impurities from a Si-sludge using waste copper nitrate solution
2016 Journal INDUSTRIAL & ENGINEERING CHEMISTRY RESEARCH Novel aqueous processing of the reverted turbine-blade superalloy for rhenium recovery
2016 Journal MATERIALS TRANSACTIONS Production of Chemical Manganese Dioxide from Lithium Ion Battery Ternary Cathodic Material by Selective Oxidative Precipitation of Manganese
2016 Journal Journal of Hazardous Materials Re-manufacture of cobalt-manganese-bromide as a liquid catalyst from spent catalyst containing cobalt generated from petrochemical processes via hydrometallurgy
2016 Journal HYDROMETALLURGY Selective extraction of nickel from cobalt, manganese and lithium in pre-treated leach liquors of ternary cathode material of spent lithium-ion batteries using synergism caused by Versatic 10 acid and LIX 84-I
2016 Journal Green Chemistry Simple recycling of copper by the synergistic exploitation of industrial wastes: a step towards sustainability
2016 Journal GREEN CHEMISTRY Simple recycling of copper by the synergistic exploitation of industrial wastes: a step towards sustainability
2016 Journal 한국세라믹학회 Synthesizing and Assessing Fire-resistant Geopolymer from Rejected Fly Ash
2016 Journal ARCHIVES OF METALLURGY AND MATERIALS 초임계 CO2를 이용한 폐 CMB 촉매로부터 코발트 추출
2015 Journal JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL TECHNOLOGY AND BIOTECHNOLOGY Complexation chemistry in liquid-liquid extraction of rhenium
2015 Journal INDUSTRIAL & ENGINEERING CHEMISTRY RESEARCH Extraction of Gold(III) from Acidic Chloride Media Using Phosphonium-based Ionic Liquid as an Anion Exchanger
2015 Journal Hydrometallurgy Liquid-liquid extraction of rhenium(VII) from an acidic chloride solution using Cyanex 923
2015 Journal Korean Chemical Engineering Research The Separation and Recovery of Nickel and Lithium from the Sulfate Leach Liquor of Spent Lithium Ion Batteries using PC-88A
2014 Journal 한국세라믹학회지(한국세라믹학회) Developing and assessing geopolymers from seochun pond ash with a range of composition ratios
2014 Journal 한국재료학회지(한국재료학회) Effect of Particle Size and Unburned Carbon Content of Fly Ash from Hadong Power Plant on Compressive strength of Geopolymers
2014 Journal JOURNAL OF HAZARDOUS MATERIALS Liquid-liquid extraction of Cd(II) from pure and Ni/Cd acidic chloride media using Cyanex 921: A selective treatment of hazardous leachate of spent Ni-Cd batteries
2014 Journal 한국자원리싸이클링학회 Recovery of Nickel from sulfuric acid solution using Lewatit TP 220 ion exchange resin