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The major of advanced energy & system engineering is divided into five research fields, Hydrogen energy, fuel cells, energy materials, clean fuel (including greenhouse gases), and systems (efficiency). Students learn about hydrogen and fuel cell technology in the field of critical sources, new technologies for energy materials, fossil fuel switching applications including those related to methane hydrate, and overall understanding of the efficient use of technology and system operation. In addition to all of this, students engage in intensive study of about engineering.

Current status of student majors

Current status of student majors
Enrolled Students 19 Average age of new students in master course 25.63
Students on leave - Average age of new students in doctor course 28.57
Completion Students 14 Average age of new students in integrative course 27.41
Master Graduates 51 Average graduation period in master course 2.01
Doctoral Graduates 20 Average graduation period in doctor course 4.3
International Students 15 Average graduation period in inegrative course 5.48

Student Research Performance

소속전공 정보
소속전공 제공합니다.
Year Field of Research Journal Research
2019 Journal International Journal of Hydrogen Energy Durability enhancement of a Pt/C electrocatalyst using silica-coated carbon nanofiber as a corrosion-resistant support
2019 Journal Particle and Aerosol Research Filtration Efficiency of Electrically Charged Air Filters by a Corona Method
2018 Journal JOURNAL OF POWER SOURCES A simplified approach to predict performance degradation of a solid oxide fuel cell anode
2018 Journal Fuel cells Application of Metal Foam as a Flow Field for PEM Fuel Cell Stack
2018 Journal Applied Energy Design and analysis of compact hotbox for solid oxide fuel cell based 1 kW-class power generation system
2018 Journal CERAMICS INTERNATIONAL Effect of nano-Al2O3 addition on mechanical durability of nickel-yttria stabilized zirconia anode support of solid oxide fuel cells
2018 Journal INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HYDROGEN ENERGY Effects of applied current density and thermal cycling on the degradation of a solid oxide fuel cell cathode
2018 Journal CHEMICAL ENGINEERING JOURNAL Energy-effcient chemical regeneration of AMP using calcium hydroxide for operating carbon dioxide process
2018 Journal INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HYDROGEN ENERGY Improving sulfur tolerance of Ni-YSZ anodes of solid oxide fuel cells by optimization of microstructure and operating conditions
2018 Journal 한국유체기계학회 Multi-Objective Optimization for Designing a High-Efficiency and Low-Fluid-Induced-Vibration Single-Channel Pump
2018 Journal Energy Numerical investigations to determine the optimal operating conditions for 1kW-class flat-tubular solid oxide fuel cell stack
2018 Journal ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering Performance and Mechanism of Metal Oxide Catalyst-Aided Amine Solvent Regeneration
2018 Journal The korean Hydrogen and new energy society Redox stability and electrochemical performances of La0.6Sr0.4Fe1-xScxO3-d for solid oxide cells interconnector
2018 Journal CHEMICAL ENGINEERING JOURNAL Water vapor separation from flue gas using MOF incorporated thin film nanocomposite hollow fiber membranes
2017 Journal ENERGY 1kW 급 평면 관형 고체 산화물 연료 전지 스택의 최적 운전 조건 결정을위한 수치 연구
2017 Journal Renewable Energy Design and numerical analysis of a planar anode-supported SOFC stack
2017 Journal Korean Journal of Chemical Engineering Effect of Process Parameters on The CaCO3 Production in The Single Process for Carbon Capture and Mineralization
2017 Journal JOURNAL OF THE ELECTROCHEMICAL SOCIETY Electrophoretically Deposited LaNi0.6Fe0.4O3 Perovskite Coatings on Metallic Interconnects for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells
2017 Journal Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Enhanced CO2 absorption and desorption in a tertiary amine medium with a carbonic anhydrase mimic
2017 Journal American Chemical Society Energy and Fuels Single Process for CO2 Capture and Mineralization in Various Alkanolamines Using Calcium Chloride
2017 Journal APPLIED ENERGY 고체 산화물 연료 전지 기반의 1kW 급 발전 시스템을위한 소형 핫 박스 설계 및 해석
2016 Journal Energy Comparative Assessment of Organic Rankine Cycle Integration for Low Temperature Geothermal Heat Source Applications
2016 Journal ENERGY Comparative assessment of Organic Rankine Cycle integration for low temperature geothermal heat source applications
2016 Journal Energy Conversion and Management Design and experimental investigation of a 1 kW organic Rankine cycle system using R245fa as working fluid for low-grade waste heat recovery from steam
2016 Journal CERAMICS INTERNATIONAL Effect of GDC interlayer thickness on durability of solid oxide fuel cell cathode
2016 Journal Journal of Nanoelectronics and Optoelectronics Effect of Sintering Temperature on Electrical and Dielectric Properties of Ni Based BaTiO3 Composite
2016 Journal APPLIED THERMAL ENGINEERING Experimental investigation of off-grid organic Rankine cycle control system adapting sliding pressure strategy under proportional integral with feed-forward and compensator
2016 Journal ENERGY CONVERSION AND MANAGEMENT Impact of organic Rankine cycle system installation on light duty vehicle considering both positive and negative aspects
2016 Journal Energy Conversion and Management Impact of organic rankine cycle based Waste heat recovery system installation on light duty vehicle considering both positive and negative aspects
2016 Journal Applied Thermal Engineering Multi-objective optimization of evaporator of organic Rankine cycle (ORC) for low temperature geothermal heat source