Credit Exchange with Other Universities

Definition: Students can take courses at universities with which UST has made academic exchange agreements

Related Academic Regulations: Article 42, Academic Regulations (Acceptance of Transfer Credits from Other Institutions)

Courses Available for Academic Exchange Program: Master's or doctoral major courses that offering universities allow academic exchange program participants to take


  • Enrolled students and incomming students (excludes who have already met the course work requirements) for the semester who meet the all the requirements below.
  • Students who have been approved by the advisory professor
  • Students who have been recommended by the president
  • Students with GPA 3.0 or ​​higher in the previous semester (except for incoming students)
  • The number of credits acquired from other graduate school cannot exceed more than 50% of the credits required for graduation at UST

Course Retaking

  • Academic Regulations ARTICLE 46 (Course Retaking) ② Retaking shall be limited exclusively to a course which is identical to the one already taken, while courses taken at other universities under an exchange program should be repeated at the same university.(Re-taking of study exchange classes is allowed only one time.)
  • Regulations on Academic Operations ARTICLE 38 (Retaking) ① If a student achieves grade C+ or lower, he/she may repeat the course once only pursuant to the provision cited in Article 46 of the Academic Regulations.

Course Registration Period

Course Registration Period

Course Registration Period : Application period, Method, Remarks

Application period Method Remarks
  • Spring: January ~ February
  • Fall: July through August
Refer to notice on UST web-site for the period The academic calendar at the university offering the applicable course prevails

※ Detailed application procedure is different for every university that offers the pertinent courses; thus, please check the instructions for course application for each school.

Universities Participating in Academic Exchange Program

Universities Participating in Academic Exchange Program

Universities Participating in Academic Exchange Program : No., Name

No. Name No. Name No. Name
1 Graduate School, Hanyang University 17 Graduate School, Dong-A University 33 Graduate School, Konyang University
2 Graduate School, Chungnam National University 18 Graduate School, Seoul National University 34 Graduate School, Hallym University
3 General Graduate School, Korea University 19 Graduate School, Pusan National University 35 Graduate School, Kwangwoon University
4 Graduate School, KAIST 20 Graduate School, Chonbuk National University 36 Graduate School, Keimyung University
5 Graduate School, Yonsei University 21 Graduate School, Yeungnam University 37 Graduate School, Kyung Hee University
6 Graduate School, Ajou University 22 Graduate School, Chungbuk National University 38 Graduate School, Sejong University
7 Graduate School, GIST 23 Graduate School, Jeju National University 39 Graduate School, Chunang University
8 Graduate School, Kangwon National University 24 Graduate School, Chonnam National University 40 Graduate School, Ulsan University
9 Graduate School, Changwon National University 25 Graduate School, Hannam University 41 Graduate School, Korea National University of Transportation
10 Green Graduate School, Korea University 26 Graduate School, Kyungpook National University 42 Graduate School, Pukyong National University
11 Graduate School, Sogang University 27 Graduate School, DGIST 43 GANGNEUNG-WONJU NATIONAL UNIVERSITY
12 Graduate School, Seoul National University of Science and Technology 28 Graduate School, Incheon National University 44 Sookmyung Women’s University
13 Graduate School, Konkuk University 29 Graduate School, UNIST 45 Myongji University
14 Graduate School, Korea Aerospace University 30 Graduate School, Ewha Woman's University 46 Dongshin University
15 Graduate School, Korea Maritime and Ocean University 31 Graduate School, Hanbat National University 47 Daegu Haany University
16 Graduate School, University of Seoul 32 Graduate School, Inje University 48 Dongguk University

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