Training USTians with pride by promotinga creative educational environment

Secure world-leading educational competitiveness

Discovering creative talent and to become real USTians
Establishment of UST21 education system

Become a university with industry-academia-research integration

Strengthening the cooperation between UST-GFRIs-corporations
Strengthen the cooperation between GFRIs
Support business start-ups with GFRI-based technologies

Establish global status as a national research university

Improving brand value
Improving cooperation network

Establish creative knowledge management system

Providing creative educational environment by applying cutting-edge technology
Improving management effectiveness

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Office of External Relations

대외협력처업무담당자의 정보
Name Position TEL E-mail WORK
Park Kapdong Dean 042-865-2307 Overall responsibility

Public Relations Team

홍보팀업무담당자의 정보
Name Position TEL E-mail WORK
Kim Ick Soo Team Leader 042-865-2370 Overall responsibility
Jung Gi Jong Staff 042-865-2374 Media report management
An Joo Hun Staff 042-865-2372 Newmedia
Kim Soo Yeon Staff 042-865-2371 Advertising  |  PR Planning
Choi seongho Staff 042-865-2373 Diffusion of scientific culture  |  Promotional meterial production

International Cooporation Team

국제협력팀업무담당자의 정보
Name Position TEL E-mail WORK
Jung Yun Team Leader 042-865-2410 Overall responsibility
Kim Sung Hee Staff 042-865-2412 International student affairs
Na Seri Staff 042-865-2411 Recommendation letter issuance  |  Alumni association management   |  International student affairs
Park Ji Eun Staff 042-865-2413 International cooperation  |  Attraction of international students

Industry-Academy-Research Cooperation Team

산학연협력팀업무담당자의 정보
Name Position TEL E-mail WORK
KIM JUNG SOO Team Leader 042-865-2390 Overall responsibility
Choi chang sik Staff 042-865-2346 Finding out industry demand
Yum Ja Yeon Staff 042-865-2391 Operation of Department of Contract
Jeong GyungTae Staff 042-865-2392 Start-up assistance  |  Domestic cooperation  |  Industry-academic cooperation
Lee jonghyeok Staff 042-865-2393 Research management