Training USTians with pride by promotinga creative educational environment

Secure world-leading educational competitiveness

Discovering creative talent and to become real USTians
Establishment of UST21 education system

Become a university with industry-academia-research integration

Strengthening the cooperation between UST-GFRIs-corporations
Strengthen the cooperation between GFRIs
Support business start-ups with GFRI-based technologies

Establish global status as a national research university

Improving brand value
Improving cooperation network

Establish creative knowledge management system

Providing creative educational environment by applying cutting-edge technology
Improving management effectiveness

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Office of Management & Planning

경영기획처업무담당자의 정보
Name Position TEL E-mail WORK
Song Byung Yoon Dean 042-865-2310 Overall responsibility
LEE RINA Staff 042-865-2367 이메일 확인, 캡챠 인증 후 확인할수 있습니다. Secretary

Planning & Budget Team

기획예산팀업무담당자의 정보
Name Position TEL E-mail WORK
Oh Seung-Ki Team Leader 042-865-2350 Overall responsibility
Kim Hyun Sung Staff 042-865-2353 Government budget management
Kim Moon Ju Staff 042-865-2352 Planning  |  Interpellation
Yum Ja Yeon Staff 042-865-2351 Planning
Seo Joon Kyu Staff 2354 Working budgeting management

Management Support Team

경영지원팀업무담당자의 정보
Name Position TEL E-mail WORK
Lee Pan Koo Team Leader 042-865-2360 Overall responsibility
Hu Joo Sung Staff 042-865-2302 President's secretary
LEE HYUNG RO Staff 042-865-2362 Contract management  |  Purchase management  |  Asset management
Lee In Young Staff 042-865-2361 Labor management  |  Human resources affairs
CHOI HANEUL Staff 042-865-2363 Accounting
Mun ShinHyeong Staff 042-865-2368 Remuneration management  |  Accounting
LEE RINA Staff 042-865-2367 Secretary
KangJeongHyun Staff 042-865-2365 Management support  |  Educational event planning & management
Kim Gyeonghui Staff 042-865-2492 Chauffer & Official vehicle maintenance
Soon jungki Staff 042-865-2492 Chauffer & Official vehicle maintenance
Yu Seong Mi Staff Management support  |  Educational event planning & management  |  Administration service
Lim Tae Won Staff 042-865-2366

Infrastructure Management Team

인프라운영팀업무담당자의 정보
Name Position TEL E-mail WORK
Choi Eunyoung Team Leader 042-865-2381 Overall responsibility  |  Information security management  |  IT planning
Kim Ick Soo Staff 042-865-2427 Labor services management
Kwon Yu Sung Staff 042-865-2383 IT infra management  |  IT planning  |  Infomation system management
Kim Gi Deok Staff 042-865-2421
Hwang youngsun Staff 042-865-2382 IT infra management  |  Infomation system management

Dormitory Operations Planning Team

기숙사운영준비TF팀업무담당자의 정보
Name Position TEL E-mail WORK
Kim beom ho Team Leader 042-865-2420 Overall responsibility
Park Chang Jun Staff 042-865-2423
Oh Beom kyun Staff 042-865-2428
hwang sun ha Staff 042-865-2422 Facilities management  |  Labor services management